Executive Recruiting


Tired of not finding the right candidates through online job boards and social media?


Identifying executives with the right combination of on-the-job expertise, education and industry knowledge – with the right personality-fit for your organization – is one of the toughest hiring processes. Executive searches take a lot of man-hours, often with less than satisfying results.


Metro Recruiting takes that burden off of your internal staff; we have recruiters that specialize in finding top executives for clients’ management teams.


All executive level candidates go through an intense interview and screening process; we dig deeper than other search firms, to discover candidates’ strengths, weed out those who don’t fit the bill, and match executives with organizations where they can reach their full potential.


Job Seekers:
Below are some of the most frequent executive professional positions Metro Recruiting fills in the DC / MD / VA area. Please go to Jobs to search for open positions and start the screening process.


If you’re looking for qualified executives with backgrounds in your industry, Metro will hand-pick the most experienced, appropriate candidates for your consideration. Go to Employers to learn more about the benefits of working with Metro Recruiting.


The Executive positions Metro Recruiting fills most often include:

  • CEOs (Chief Executive Officers)
  • CFOs (Chief Financial Officers)
  • CIOs (Chief Information Officers)
  • CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers)
  • COOs (Chief Operating Officers)
  • CTOs (Chief Technology Officers)
  • Controllers
  • Directors
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents